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06-02-2013, 06:24 PM
Bumping because it's worth bumping.

First, thank you for the info. Second, might be sending some fleet mates your way to buy some if they want to.

Now initial thoughts on these...

To'duj fighters: Decent enough. They have a rapid fire which is nice, but will probably mostly ever hit something with just the turret I bet.

Armored Shield Repair Shuttles: Pretty standard it seems. A bit more resilient, but probably not much different besides.

Elite S'kuls: Pretty junky IMO. Ramming Speed 3 would be amusing to watch from so many fighters, but nothing special otherwise.

Elite Slavers: Now THAT is nice. They aren't giving the Alien Artifacts like the rumors were saying, but even so, that's a lot of stuff you could still be getting from these.

Elite Tachyon Drones: The Tetryon Turret feets pretty 'eh' to me. They'll do a tad of damage, but nothing really worth mentioning.

Elite Mesh Weavers: No news here, still nice pets though.

Elite Marauding Force: I forget, do DOFFs work with Marauding Force? As in, the shuttle doubling one, and the extra turret thing DOFF. If so, those added with one or both DOFFs could be pretty wicked if used right. They'd be a pretty good bit of easy damage, along with an excellent mine/torp/other spam clearance.

Elite BoPs: I was expecting these changes. HY 3 and RF 3 are gonna be awesome to have from these.

Elite Fer'jais: I thought the Advanced ones had Aceton Beam 2? Am I mistaken on that? Even so, RF 3 and HY 3 are gonna lay down some hurting with those weapons.

The painful ones:

Elite Siphons: Oh they really WILL be more abused I feel. They give back aux power to the carrier using them, which is gonna encourage more folks to use em.

Elite Interceptors: A...tractor beam? I honesty didn't see that one coming. Ok...I'm not sure where to go. But the Federation doesn't have the monopoly on tractor pets anymore, that's for sure. Tough to say which is worse: Elite Yellowstones, or these Interceptors. I'd probably have to go with Yellowstones though, since their plasma (poor AI usage aside) can still bug out and disappear, and it is still an AoE, these are only focused on a single person.

Don't misunderstand, that doesn't make either pet any less annoying to deal with, but they're on nearly the same level of annoying.

(OP, none of my comments were directed at you or anything, thank you for the stats once again, just felt like giving my thoughts on these, now that I've seen em for the first time)
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