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06-02-2013, 07:12 PM
Originally Posted by oracion666 View Post
I, for one, thank the smelly klingons for creating the leech for my Rom/Fed toon. It comes in really handy when using it against you. So, thank you.
You're welcome to our disused leavings, certainly you need them far more than we do, and I expect you'll give appropriate credit when that Klink in the F2P BoP with no uni consoles blows your hotdog-and-saucer or modern art masterpiece into little glowing chunks falling into a ruptured singularity core.

Thus demonstrating that you can't BUY skill, no matter what the ad banners on the Dev Blogs tell you.

I used to oppose giving the Feds Leech, but having seen how poorly most of them fly even WITH it, I'm no longer concerned-it really has become the norm that we betatest what the Devs intended to give the Blue team all along...

Happy flying.
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