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06-02-2013, 07:57 PM
Originally Posted by saxfire View Post
I have to agree with ferdzo ont his matter, as he said you cannot prove to be wrong but it doesnt mean that he is wrong, tell us, does god exist? give us proof. thats exactly what you are asking right here. I believe that the entity is possiple, it just needs good team wit healing, dps, and crows control to disable the beams the entity uses, such as SNB to reduce the beam cooldowns, boarding party to remove the beams entirely, gravity well to keep it on one spot with the shards, and most important, losts of beta and disruptor to reduce it's defence.

I don't have interests in trying to beat it but I ensure that 18k dps is possiple, and even 27k dps is possiple, and if 10 people are involved, I beleive 33k dps is possiple with enough beta/fomm/sensor scan spamming. PER PLAYER!

18k sustained DPS. I've spiked as high as 22k, but big deal -- the regen is the problem. To even GET to 18k you have to use SNB , BP's and spam sensor scan constantly. Holding that without f'ing up the rotation is extremely hard. Worse, the large frag explosions literally cannot be healed through. SS doesn't work, knockback doesn't work on the main thing, and spiking your DPS only works for so long. You should give it a shot, the regeneration becomes INSANE.

My team has tried this quite a bit. Everyone who claims to have beaten it on elite cannot or will not provide screenshot proof, or any hint of their layouts, or even the handle of someone who was on their team. I can easily list the handles of my team mates (and how bad we got owned on Elite), so why not , if it's so 'easy' display the information?

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. So far, we've got one guy claiming he can achieve something that known elite teams with years of history can't. Suuuure.