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Originally Posted by redricky View Post
Most people, well, Americans anyway, use "karma" incorrectly, or at least in an over-simplified kind of way. My wife and I just say "American Karma" to refer to things happening to somebody based on what they did a week ago.

The B'Rel had a perfect cloak for a while there. Looks like we've got a bit of American Karma coming our way.
and it shouldn't have had that 'perfect cloak' back then, either...and a lot of us didn't USE the combinations that got it/enabled it because it WAS a bug.

But this time is different-this time, it's a bug that benefits Fed players at the expense of KDF players. THIS time, I expect they'll take a good, long, time to fix it unless it starts causing a slip in sales of Romulan gear, toons, etc. etc. or causes a ****storm FEDSIDE. (unlikely in both counts.)

because it really only cripples one faction out of two, and the faction so crippled is long out of favour. (NONE of the Devs play Klingon.)
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