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06-02-2013, 09:27 PM
Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
With Sensors at 9, tachyon detection field console (the com uni that can be slotted in any Fed/Rom ship), sensor scan buff, Senx3 deflector, 2 sensor probes, I could see a fully kitted out Romulan out to 11km or so.

So even after the nerf I will be able to see people out there. This works best when used with other support though.

The real key is the console and sensor scan.
This is the way it was supposed to work - I also have a Fleet Nebula- does not get much use, but the fact is if you wanted to detect cloak you had to be sci and be well spec'd for it. The same as in the shows.

Basically this bug has removed any reason to have a new Romulan ship - this should really worry Cryptic.

I am pissed because I have 5 ships that are definitely useless now - T'Varo, T'Varo Refit, Fleet T'varo, B'rel refit, Fleet B'rel - thats 6000 Zen+ in just those ships

Cloak is their primary defense - they pay for it with 22k - 27k hulls a low starting shield level and a shield mod starting at 0.8 - they cannot go into a dog fight with powerful escorts

and they certainly can't take the hits to hull with their shields offline

So this exploit is completely unfair - oh and that B'rel perfect cloak was only used by a very very few people as you had to buy a bunch of Romualn Boffs that were 80K fleet marks at least + dilithium - perhaps a dozen people did it - vs - every ship in PvP now using this cheat/exploit

make no doubt about it - IT'S CHEATING - you know it's not supposed to work that way - you know it is broken and you use it - therefore you are cheating.