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Well I personally rarely see a Klingon who wouldn't use the leach if they owned it so I don't know why you're calling it disused leavings. And this attitude that klingons are automatically better than feds at pvp is gonna go down the drain since there's gonna be a lot of Klink newbs since you can start as one.
That's pretty unlikely if you go with the Developer's demographics-our population doesn't grow much, most of the NEW KDF toons are probably being played by players building new ALTS.

of course, I understand your deep-held hope; it's not like you can compete with experienced KDF players, esp. not without uni consoles, rep passives and Romulan Boffs, but ya gotta understand-the KDF population never grows fast enough for you to get "a lot of noobs" to take advantage of. the BEST you can hope for, is that your opposition hasn't been grinding 40+ hours a week to meet your level of Reputation Passives, STF gearing, etc. etc.-as in, those things most Feddies think equate to skill (or a reasonable replacement for skill.)

Flat fact is, you'd best resolve yourself to this simple truth: KDF will always be outnumbered, always be neglected, always be last to get new stuff-so KDF players who stick with it are going to always be a couple steps ahead of you because they have no choice in the matter when it comes to knowing HOW to use the gear they have, how to fight in a team when you don't know anybody on it, and how to beat your saucer-and-sausage ships with less of everything-because we'll never have MORE of ANYTHING by raw comparison.
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