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06-03-2013, 12:53 AM
I guess Cryptic grew tired of us praising them for the new content we were getting for the better part of a month, so they decided to decided to get us raging again with the release of the PL console. A console I might add that costs 1k zen for us to get, but only 1.5mil on the exchange for a fed right now.

I was all ready to become a lifetime subscriber when LoR first released. I had my card out on the keyboard, and was about to click on the link to take me to membership page. I instead decided to see what the new Tal Shiar boxes were dropping, and could only shake my head and slide my card back into my wallet. For a long time now Cryptic continues to do things to discourage me from becoming a LTS member. I guess they must be doing so well financially that they really don't need my money.
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