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06-03-2013, 01:09 AM
Having the Feddies get the leech wouldn't have been so bad, if it had actually been a fair trade.

Give the Feds a console that's always on and provides a good bonus, and in exchange give the KDF a mild anti-stealth boost and a torpedo that might find a target, hit the hull for some damage, and not decloak it if it's a battlecloak/enhanced battlecloak (which every Rom-Fed ship will have)?

The thing's only really useful against regular-cloak ships (i.e., most KDF ships and the Federation cloak ships), and that's if it finds a target.

Basically, it feels like Cryptic once again gave the Federation access to our good consoles, and gave us mediocre crap in return.

It's not the KDF's fault the developers don't give the Federation enough cool exclusive consoles. We just want this BS to stop.