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06-03-2013, 04:03 AM
Can you use that singularity skill to warp out?

At first they were rather annoying when they came out, but I've come to really enjoy them. There are tons of way to deal with the web (faw, scatter, gravity well, subspace jump, singularity jump, repulsors, point defense, fighters on intercept etc...) as well as with the disable (batteries, warp core, Ep2X, points in subsystem repair, engineering team...) that it's just as normal and easy as using HE against plasma fires.

Don't blame it on the enemy if you come unprepared.

But this is just yet another bug fix that cryptic will never get around to.
Yep, especially since the RMC is pretty much a "dead" and an almost unobtainable item. My guess is that it might be very, very far down their list... :/