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06-03-2013, 04:38 AM
Originally Posted by wolfpacknz View Post
Ok before the devs nerf Tholians because of your whinging I'll save them the time and make them easier for YOU... Without any special coding or hacks or cheating or wonderous powers I will do it with 2 words....


Your problem is now solved.....
Whaaaat? Engineering team? What is this team that does not have Tactical in its name of which you speak? What use could, such a so blatantly NON Tactical Team, have?

Honestly though... Tactical Team > All other Teams. I would never sacrifice my CD on TT for a lousy ET.

It is not that these things cannot be countered it is their frequency and just how obnoxious the Tholians are with them. The Tholians are not OP they are just super annoying. When you use a Subsystem Targeting ability what does it do? Drains an amount of subsystem energy too small to notice and maybe shuts it off for the blink of an eye. When they do it they get the system completely shut down for a fair while and all power drained with no fail. Got to love that... or hate it.