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06-03-2013, 08:23 PM

Warriors of the Empire, we.. are.. recruiting! That's right. If you'd like to become involved with your Romulan allies and teach the Unificationism-preaching Federation that they don't control our lives then don't just march with the raptor. Be the raptor. We're looking for amazing people to join our ranks. A good attitude and willingness to participate is a must. Don't worry about the quality of your gear either, we aren't. Gear is so easy to get, but good people can be hard to come by, and The Trivium values good people! We have members stretching from Oceania across Asia to Europe and North America. Teamspeak is available for voice chat and our members are interested in a wide variety of gameplay. If you're interested check us out at, go to our forums, then put in an application! We'd love to hear from you.