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So, I figured with the new content to delete my old Klingon and build a new one learning from the mistakes and get a try on the new content...yeah.... I came to the space portion of this mission.

Now keep in mind, maybe I am messing it up or something...but here I go anyways.

1. Optional Objective: You are asking me to keep a B'rel full of Klingon Redshirts alive...would of been better with at least a D7 Cruiser.

2. Enemy numbers: Dear god! The only positive is the lack of Raptors this time around. O_O Can we lower the numbers or at least ad a few Martok cruisers and more BoPs to back us up?

3. Reward: I called attention to it before and I will are giving away the same BOff in this mission that was the reward in Bringing Down The House...

And finally, the thing making me post this.

4. The Freighters: I am finding these things outrunning my B'rel and even sensing me coming when I am even cloaked. WHAT THE HECK!

Now, I can't be the only one with issues in this mission and really, I won't be playing it again till I hear it is fixed.

EDIT: I do love the new content to the game and think you did an overall good job but this mission needs to get fixed. As it is now, I find it unplayable.
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