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06-04-2013, 02:55 AM
I haven't flown the MVAE mainly because I don't like the looks nor the multi-vector mode with the current setup for Pet AI's, so I can't give an opinion about it.

However, the other two, I do own and fly. (Like you, I am waiting for my Fleet to get a T5 shipyard from the Fleet HEC.) They both have their strong and weak points.

The TER (read: Defiant) is a decent ship despite having the lower HP. The spike DPS from using the cloak in an Alpha Strike manner is usually good enough to drop the shield facing, allowing your weapons to beat on the hull much quicker. And it is a Universal console for the TER and Galaxy-X.

The HEC is a bigger ship and able to soak up a bit more damage. And the fighters can be a major advantage, especially the Elite Scorpions as their AI seems to be a bit better than the rest (they usually try to avoid the Core breaches and Singularity implosions). Only down side to this ship is that once you fire off the TPDS, you WILL Insta-Aggro everything you hit. At least that has been my experience with it.

But, the decision will eventually be your as you'll need to decide which of the three more suits your playing style.