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06-04-2013, 06:57 AM
I'm doing a very exhaustive size comparison for the galor class. Hard to do when they are attacking you. But in one screenshot I managed to bump into one from behind which then slipped me directly beneath it. We were both facing roughly the exact same direction so in the picture I lined up the very back ends of each ship, from the very tip overtop each other.

First time I took the KDF ship size chart and went in and cut out the lengths by pixel at where I saw the galor ship end at in correlation to my ship (custom vo'quv carrier with some vod'leh pieces)

In that case, using an online percentage calculator I took each pixel length and did a "this number is what percent of this number?" deal. This came out to be 57.82 roughly. Then doing a "What is 57.82% of 1250?" and the answer is just about 722 meters.

Thinking I might have messed up somewhere (doubting myself) I tried and went to my original screenshot, did a pixel size check from head to tail in that particular screenshot (495 pixels) then in the next one did it for only the galor (285 pixels).

Crazy enough, the difference between the 2 different methods was nearly the same, this answer was 57.57575757%. Thats only a difference of 0.25%. Doing the same as before with the "What is 57.57% of 1250?" and got 719.6.

Now, it was a custom ship of mixed pieces, the difference between vo'quv and vod'leh is 50 meters. I had a vo'quv hull, neck, but vod'leh head and pylons. With this the nacells are not the end of the ship. Confused, I split the difference between them, using 1225 and the difference between the percentages as well at 57.69.

706.7 is just about 57.69% of 1225.

So rounding up, my estimate for the length of the Galor class is 707 meters, with a variance of 7 meters up or down, as I cannot get a perfect comparison unless someone had a model viewer to get exacts.