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Originally Posted by tilarta View Post
I doubt it.

It's always going to be a reputation weapon, so it wouldn't be fair to give it automatically to the Romulans and not to the other two factions.
Fair is a dubious term to use in this case. Fair would be allowing Romulan and Reman officers to use the projects to create these items without having to grind for them. We are the highest ranking Romulan Republic officials around, but yet we don't even have access to some of the best weapons the Republic offers? I'm not saying give them out for free, but allow us to just start the projects without spending months to grind for them...

Keep it so we still have to grind for the abilities and consumables, but the iconic romulan republic items? No, that's just silly.

EDIT: That sounds harsher than I meant, no ill will was intended  1340218559
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