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06-04-2013, 07:45 AM
I had the same thought about the romulan rep items being available to romulan characters for just straight dilithium. The power can stay in the rep system, but I agree that it doesn't make sense that you are a member of this faction and can't play with that factions toys.

If Cryptic had asked me (which they didn't, of course, but lets play for a second), I would have created two more reps, a Starfleet rep, and a KDF rep. Then each faction would have access to their native reputation (maybe even make it something that could be leveled up doing story missions, so when you hit lvl 50, you also hit level 5 in the rep). Each faction would also have access to their "ally's" reputation, so if you're a federation captain, you have access to the Starfleet and Romulan reps, if KDF you can use KDF and Romulan Rep, and if Romulan, you can access Romulan and your ally's rep (either Starfleet or KDF). But on the other hand, that would create more marks that woud need to be ground out, etc etc etc.

Sorry, getting off topic. So, flamethrower, when are we getting this?
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