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Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
I think you forgot the United Federation of Planets.
I didn't forget them, I just thought that based on Sela's comment in TNG that they would be "deeply entrenched" by the time Starfleet was able to respond in the prime universe, they would be even more deeply entrenched with so little resistance.

Also, since an invasion in the mid 2300's would have been close to a century after the destruction of Vulcan, the Vulcans may no longer be one of the primary races in the UFP and no longer one of the core worlds.

As to the Mirror Universe comments, from what we've seen, the JJ'verse seems to track a lot closer to the prime reality than the mirror universe, which by definition was created to be the opposite of the prime universe, so I don't think it's out of the question that things could unfold similarly in the JJ verse.

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