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06-04-2013, 10:53 AM
Just do the math. If there are 10,000 Vulcans and they each have children, you get a population growth rate of about .07 per year. That means within 100 years, you will have nearly 10 million Vulcans. Of course, Vulcans do not reproduce at the age of seven and not every Vulcan will be fertile, so the number might be generous, but still that is quite a few Vulcans.

Now, Vulcans are logical people. They know they need to reproduce quickly and in a genetically diverse faction. They may be willing to use artificial insemination. If they are having children every one or two years and reproducing at sexual maturity, they will, for all practical matters, have nearly an unlimited supply of Vulcans within a century.

Of course, to reproduce so quickly you need a lot of energy. Resources like food, medical care, clean water, et cetera might limit population growth, although presumably the Federation would be handling that.