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Originally Posted by lordgabe View Post
As long as you stealth jump every ship/group you meet you can pop them easily, I had bacic rank 1 tractor beam and torp pouned my tragets down.

The npcs seemed less buggy than my previous play throughs of that mission tbh. I will admit when i first played this mission years ago it was a pain in the butt but playing now with a bit of experience can't say it troubled me at all. Won't go on as i said as much above this fight is just a learning curve as you have an under powered ship for a tough fight
Yep and that is what the B'rel is...underpowered. It doesn't even have a Battle Cloak so you can't do stealth jumps or even run and vanish from the enemies.
Cruisers do not suck at DPS and Escorts are not Tanks. If you think this, you need to reread the definition of Tank.
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