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06-04-2013, 11:37 AM
Almost every NPC ship is using emergency power to engines now, and as those freighters normally ran at the first sight of you in any case, you can guess what their using now, but Cryptic gave you the perfect response in the shape of your science Boff, he's got the Tractor Beam.
Cloak and slip up behind them, once your in TB range (4k iirc) decloak and alpha strike it, or as much of an alpha strike as you can get with THY1, and at the same time as you blow it's aft shields to pieces you grab it with the TB, and then just keep pounding it's ass, they die quite quickly doing that.

Never had any problems with the amount of ships around the satellites either, before and after LoR, decloak in range and you should hear others decloak, as you get 3 or 4 friendly BoPs to give you a hand, let them deal with the enemy BoPs while you take out the satellite, then you help mop up what's left.

Only "issue" I had with the space part with my new KDF toon was that I found it a little too easy, compared to how it used to be.