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06-04-2013, 01:36 PM
I'm assuming the weapon is a rare one, that only the most dedicated of RR supporters can gain access to.

So they're not going to hand it out to just anyone, even their highest ranking officers.

Basically, you have to earn it, not just get it handed to you because you're a Fleet Admiral ranked officer with the RR.

And yes, non-RR players will scream so loud that a weapon they have to work hard to acquire is just handed to RR players because they are RR players.
So that's out.

As to when it comes out, I have no idea!
Cryptic aren't saying anything besides "it's not ready yet".

Much to my frustration, I found 3 weapons which use the Flamethrower ammo mechanic already exist on the live server.

Check plasma weapons, ground, assault weapon, rifle and pistol, look for the ones with the Romulan skins.

And by the way, the firing animation on that pistol is so buggy, I don't believe it made it into game like that!

The beam for the pistol emanates from at your feet, not the barrel of the pistol!

And yet, the Flamethrower, which is much more polished, is still not here.

Generous serving of irony for everyone!