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06-04-2013, 03:21 PM
Originally Posted by daemonheld View Post
This is most likely completely true. However, it's their game. It's their rules. They have disclaimers all over the place basically telling you "if you don't like it, tough tukkis."

The mail issue is something the powers-that-be feel is an exploit. They've plugged the hole.

How is any of that supposed to be take in a way you feel I'm "drinking the koolaid"? If anyone is under any unreal expectation on them reverting things back the way they were, it isn't me.

They're wording was 'it's being used differently that how we imagined it should be used'. They built the system, we used it within the limits they put in.

Remember those words next time they change something and don't tell you about it, perhaps it's something that you use ingame, and if you don't like it, tuff tukkis.
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