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You seem to be under the mistaken notion that our use of the mail system somehow affects your gameplay. If you quit drinking their kool-aid for a second and think about how e-mail attachments actually work you'll realize the attachment limit has nothing at all to do with game or server performance and is only a way to channel users into another pay-to-use system authored by your game creators.

Thats all well and good, except there is presently no substitute mechanism (pay or otherwise) replacing this storage method. They killed doff and long term storage which is absolutely needed due to starbase construction and the way items stack/bind without an adequate substitute. I can understand they want to monitize what they can to pay for the game and make some money, but this seems more like an arbitrary unintended change by developers who do not understand how many utilize their game. There are solutions here, but first we need the developers to acknowledge the issue.

There have been many suggestions in this thread on how to alter the storage situation and allow them to make money at it. People aren't against a game they enjoy from profiting so that it can continue to exist. The problem here is an unannounced change without any stated reason which alters how people are forced to play due to design decisions without any adequate alternative means to adjust gameplay.

There have been many suggestions in this thread on how to deal with this. Some of these highly workable and profitable solutions include; unlimiting storage purchase options, changing how doffs are used in starbases in to tokens used for projects, a doff storage bank, chaning so that starbase projects can use any catagory of doff, allowing the purchase of mail attachment slots, etc. There are solutions out there, but making an announced change without any plan to provide the needed storage capacity shows that the developers either don't know their players and how they deal with the games limits, or simply don't care. Either case is disturbing.

TL/DR: Changes are fine, just make sure there are solutions in place (pay or otherwise) so players can continue to use the game.

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