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06-04-2013, 04:12 PM
Originally Posted by syberghost View Post
This wasn't a stealth nerf; this was emergency maintenance. The mail system was being broken, and that breaking was affecting other things.

And those of you who were abusing the mail system for free item storage KNEW you were doing something unintended, and thus knew eventually the free ride would come to a stop. There is an easy solution to the "problem" of having too many white doffs:

Lower your Exchange prices for them. They'll sell, prices will come down, and people won't feel the need to store them anymore because they'll be plentiful in the Exchange. Put the EC in your fleet bank, and let your officers use it to buy the doffs they need for the fleet projects. Or keep the EC yourself, and buy the doffs for your fleet.

This will work if there's a limit on storage, which there now is. Now the market needs to adjust, which will take time. It'll take less time if you help it instead of fighting it.
One of the features advertised for the life time subscription and for gold membership is unlimited use of the mail.

I don't know a single person who used the mail to store items who had any suspicion at all they were misusing it in any way. Cold storage of doffs on there was a feature that had existed for a long time, and a necessary feature.

The lack of any other way to store doffs for starbases indicated that this was the means intended.

I resent your false accusation that me or anyone else "knew" we were "doing something unintended" and therefore "abusing" anything. You're doing something wrong by accusing us of this, and you should apologize. This is quite literally adding insult to injury, syberghost.

I also want to you to explain to me in detail how the hundreds of dollars I paid for a lifetime subscription for which one of the advertised benefits was "unlimited" mail access means I was taking any kind of "free ride."

I am fairly certain that "insulting subscribers on the forums" is not part of your responsibilities as a community moderator and I would like to ask for the contact information of your supervisor so that I can make a complaint against you