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06-04-2013, 08:49 PM
Hey folks - I've been playing STO for awhile, I leave, I come back, everything changes...

I'm wondering if those that have kept up with the game a little more strictly than I have can help me catch up with some of the changes regarding ship design

I'm a VA tac officer, and I spend most of my time in my sci-odyssey, although I've also got a defiant tac retrofit for dps focusing when/if necessary

I'm using xii and xi borg anti-proton weapons (beam arrays for the cruiser, dhc and turrets for the escort) and xi borg quantum torpedoes, borg engine/deflector/universal console (from before they split it up into 2 different sets), maco xii shields, anti-proton mag regulators, and a variety of other consoles

I'm still using 2 RCS consoles (I know, for an odyssey, they're not all that useful, but I have a hard time deciding what else to put in there, and they'll do when I can't make up my mind), 2 sci shield buff consoles (can't remember what they are called, but they're the 12% to shields ones), and the worker bee console, and 2 of the generic armor consoles (17.5 resist to energy and kinetic, I think)

I've got a shiny new warp core I bought off the exchange with + to engine power, and s-->w % power bonus...

I'm currently running a minor personal mod of the old "dragon" build - the rotating eptw, epts build, with the basic HE and PH sci, TT1 FAW2 and TS1, and eptw1x2, et 2, a2id 2, epts3x2, and rsp3

I know that's a bit of a mess, but I hope it covers all the relevant information

What I'm hoping is, can people catch me up on weapon changes, power changes, and so forth, and tell me if what I'm currently running has been clearly and significantly passed over by some other new fangled doodad

example - I've been hearing about the new romulan gear weapons, which I guess are disruptor/plasma procs? sounds like quantum is still the way to go...with fleet gear, are the advanced/elite weapons significantly better than what I'm currently running? what about the other dual proc weapons (i've got access to some phased tetryon, but I've heard that phaser-proc changes have altered their utility), like phased tetryon, or polarized tetryon (is there even a polarized tetryon? I thought there was, but I can't find any on the exchange to take a look at), polarized disruptors sound handy, and so forth

So, yes, that's my basic question - given the new assortments of gear available, is there anything that is clearly and definitively better than my current setup that I should be aiming for

for the inevitable question of pvp/pve, and my personal "role" - I'd like to be *competent* in pvp, although I don't play it often, as I find most competent pvp builds are more than sufficient for pve, and I like to play a survivable "outlast" tank style cruiser generally during my pve

during pvp, using my cruiser, usually the best I can manage is doing competent damage and spam killing while eating tons of damage in my cruiser hoping that my teammates are focus firing other targets while someone is distracted by me - my escort, of course, can afford to be a little more pro-active

sorry 'bout the mess, but I appreciate any help anyone can offer...
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