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06-04-2013, 10:14 PM
Oh yes, science BoPs are definitely still valid in PvP. That's assuming you're gonna run a science-y build, though. In terms of DPS, the best BoPs can try to do is hit-and-run harassing attacks that deliver lots of damage really quickly. It's difficult to stay in the fight for extended periods of time. For that, it's best to just stick with a tactical career officer.

If you're interested in running a disable/slowdown build, though, B'rel retrofits are very good at that. You can time subnukes to really screw with people tanking attackers, sensor scan is a great debuff, and you can still kick out damage in the form of firing projectiles to bleed HP off the enemy (transphasics, plasma, and chronitons work best here).

BoPs are still relevant, but you really gotta be careful when taking fire. That's the biggest weakness of BoPs. . their squishiness.