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06-05-2013, 01:10 AM
This ship is very interesting for a sci build.

I have one still in the box and am still pondering if I should unpack it onto my sci rom or kdf engy main toon.

Making it a sci build though limits it's engy boffs slots so I'm thinking I'll use it on my main kdf engy toon for the extra heal/resists engy provides. (my preferred play style)

Doing so forces me to need it to be a tanky build (captain specced into threat), so I'm thinking feedback pulse 3, APD1, GW1, TR2 or another GW1 or scramble sensors 2. The rest for heals/resists.

And with good helpings of hull and shield HP it should assist with my tanky tendencies, whilst giving me the opportunity to mess with sci skills.

Being specced into flow caps and partcle gens seems like it'll help with the new console it comes with and my intended sci skill choices.

If all else fails I can switch it to an engy or tac COM slot for an even different experience.

Originally Posted by miri2 View Post
As far as the subsystem targeting goes, it seems to make a difference for me, since I run a hybrid heal-boat/drain-boat build with my Varanus right now. It's a reaction to my realization that no matter how hard I try, nothing's going to make 4 beam arrays and a cutting beam a viable threat on a ship with only two tactical powers.
With an ensign uni slot, consider using it for a tac beam target ability.

Also, 4 beams? Rock it with 6 beams, plus kinetic beam and a torp.
Consider putting in Tac team 1, Attack pattern beta 1 and either a target subsystem, beam overload or FAW.

On top of that, if you use the romulan torp, experimental beam and zero point console, you get hyper flux, which is essentially another attack pattern beta.
And as the experimental beam pulls 0 power, it'll actually boost your dps output due to less power drain when firing.
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