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06-05-2013, 01:53 AM

This is my current build, which works alright in testing. While originally I was using target shields 1x2 in place of the BFAW, I've swapped over to FAW to deal with persistent spam issues, especially in pvp. Now, yes, this is on my fed, but the build is doable regardless of faction. That engine is actually the adapted MACO (ie: the KHG mk 12 engine).

My captain is an engineer (joined trill, if you were wondering), with all the space traits + the helmsman trait which I nabbed off the exchange for 10 mill (it's gone back up to 15 mill now).

The weird looking console in the far right engineering slot is the nukara converter- originally that slot held another armor console.

Additionally, the APO1 is an experiment- previously I was using dispersal pattern beta 2, with the tractor mines. Without it, I'm finding that they die to NPC or player attention too easily- having only three mines rather than 6 in a cluster. More importantly, three mines isn't enough tractor power to stop your average player, but six is. So I may go back.

Alternatively, I'm entertaining the idea of swapping over to tetryons, possibly the new refracting tetryons once I hit max tier in tholian rep- and probably just phased or fleet tetryons in the meantime once I get the mines.

in tribble testing, the mines are absolutely hilarious, so I'm pretty interested in trying them with the dispersal pattern- and the two piece is a +tetryon damage boost pretty much identical to the Jem'hadar's polaron boost. In the event I shift over to that, I'd probably replace my deflector/shield with either the omega (for extra shield damage), or possibly some variant of KHG engine, KHG (deflector or shields), and a piece from another set to round things out. If I did that, I'd swap the cluster torpedoes for a 'Peng, to benefit from the KHG 2 piece- not to mention that the KHG 2 piece gives like +8 aux power, which translates to more power to weapons via the warpcore, so that's a solid option.

Unfortunately you're likely going to have to wait a few lockboxes to get the regent wide angle torpedo, otherwise i'd suggest grabbing that.

Another possible option, of course, is to invest in plasma- replacing the fleet polarons with fleet plasma or rom plasma arrays + the experimental plasma array. Replace the cluster with the rom torpedo, and find room for the zero point module (perhaps dropping the borg console and the cutting beam? idk).

I haven't finished rom rep yet myself due to mark stalling, but the ship's got an ideal layout to make beam focus work, so it's definitely got some potential there.

Alternatively, you don't *have* to go tac focused- I've seen a very zippy cmdr engineering build out there, utilizing eject warp plasma 3, embassy consoles, and other boosts to max out the plasma burn damage.