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06-05-2013, 04:26 AM
i have both ships myself.
only on a tactical toon,but i hope you still have something about my experience with them.

the ts destroyer is compareble with the breen ship,its a cruiser/escort hybrid.

the hull is strong enough to take a few hits,because the base hull is more compareble to a cruiser then to an escort.
it got 4/3 weapon slots.
the turn rate is just enough to use cannons on it,but beams are maybe better,depending if you use a rcs/tachyokinetic console, with 1 of those equipped, dhc's are no problem.

the 4 tactical slots are good to max out youre damage,
it got 3 engineering console's,aswell as 3 science console's.
giving you enough space to enhance youre tanking or science skills.

the bridge officers are variable

you have a lt cmdr science, a commander tactical, an ensign tactical and 2 lt universal slots.
going with the minuim for engineering, you can have both a lt cmdr and lt science active.

it got the adapted borg warpcore,aswell as the shrapnell launcher, the shrapnell is nice for the 2/3 or 3/3 set, but it got to low dps and to long cooldown to be effectieve.

2/3 set, basicly always on youre ship:

+2% hull regen each 60 seconds,+20 shield regeneration,combine this with the 2/3 borg set, and youre almost selfhealing.

the adapted cruiser is a cruiser,meaning 4/4 weapons and a big turn rate,this can also be enhanced with rcs console's,but that will take 1 or 2 slots,wich is much to make a ship turn. this also make's that you have more difficulty with applying science skills, because they are in a smaller targeting arc.

beams is the only way to go with it.
the console's,being 4/3/3 , give's you more room to use engineering console's.
it has the posebility to be a good tanker.

lt tac, lt cmdr science, lt engineer cmdr universal ( !) and ensign universal give's you much room to play with,as a science officer, you can get cmdr science and lt cmdr,but this will give you a ensign and lt tac only, meaning 2x tt 1 and a offensive power, the bare minium.

the cruiser come's with the same warpcore,and a special console, giving you a abbility to make enemy's target each other for 5 seconds, doing 100 electral damage p/s, electral damage is a type for which there are no hull plating and/or shield ressistance,making it "treu" damage.
this also give's the passive heal, 2/3 set.

i would reccomend using the destroyer, the turn rate is better, and it can load cannons,the turn rate is needed for youre science skills, and using a polaron weapons, dhc's, can be a nice drain/disable build, also use a leech console.

you will loose some science boff skills, but you gain more offensive power,aswell as a better and faster way to apply youre science skills.

they both have sensor analysis, and cloack, normal cloack like most klingon ships.

the adapted cruiser doesnt have subsystem targeting, making another point to go for the destroyer.

i know money can be a problem, but try to get both, for the following reason:

use the thal shiar destroyer, because the explanation stated above, and use all 3 console's together on the destroyer, 3/3 set is great for science officers.

3/3 bonus:

most science skills, like grav well/tractor beam/tykens rift/etc etc. do also 135 radiation damage each second, this penetrate shields, and for radiation damage there is also no armor.

this will make youre science skills much better,doing more damage.

apply a grav well with the correct doff active, and if it procs 2/3 grav wells, you apply the 3/3 effect on a giant part of the map, affecting much enemy's.

so far my experience wiht it, i must say destroyer with 3/3 set is better,it may tank a little less,and have less sci abbility's, it does turn better and has more offensive power.

good luck!

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