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06-05-2013, 06:26 AM
Originally Posted by kermit1013 View Post
thanks jaden - I had a lot of help with the initial build, and took a lot of time to figure out - I'll check out replacing ET2 with AuxtoSif - I think I avoided it last time because the ET I could cast on other targets, and I'm disappointingly low on team-heal abilities...but I'll check it out regardless

I had no idea what the zero point console did - I'll have to see if I can track that down

I'm pushing my way thru the new rep tiers now - so I'm gonna have to relearn what all can be bought, and from whom - I'll keep an eye on the romulan tiers for the zero point - I'm at tier 2 now, omw to 3 - dunno where the zero point shows up, but if it's anything like the other top gear, that'll take awhile to get there

still looking for any other suggestions or input people might have - thanks a lot!
The AuxSiF can be thrown on teammates also. Much shorter CD plus adds resists. Doesn't share CD with TT.

Look for the Tachyokinetic console from the lobi store, adds to crit and turn. The zero point console is from the romulan reputation.

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