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Originally Posted by majesticmsfc View Post
I would avoid a lock box ship, as you're playing into Cryptic's hand. It be much better trying to throw your support behind getting a decent KDF T5 and Fleet science ship, like the D5 that was mentioned in a earlier thread a month back.

I can understand your situation, I am in the same boat. My science runs the Kar'Fi which is a great ship but not really a true science ship, so she is rarely used. If I wanted to run a pure DSP build, I would just play my tactical.

Best of luck with whatever choice you make though the amount of money you're going to throw into those boxes really isn't worth it for the ship, no ship really is worth what 200 lock box keys?

4 Lobi per box X 200 boxes = 800 Lobi
1125 Zen per 10 pack of keys means you'll need to spend 22,500 Zen if I've done my maths right.
Sell the keys. buy ship from exchange..
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