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06-05-2013, 08:10 AM
Very interesting read - I was fortunate enough to acquire 2 ships on my Romulan Borg Engineer. I put togethere a build on the TSABC and here is what I currently run and I am currently upgrading a lot of stuff on it so yea you will se that it sucks a bit and is from memory.


Forward -
1 Dual beam bank, 1 Beam array, 1 Dual heavy Cannon - 1 Plasma Torp ( currently Mk XII fleet ACCx2 DMGx2

2 beam arrays, 1 Turret 1 Tractor beam mine launcher (quest reward)

Borg mkx Deflector Plasma resist shield and mx vi efffecient engines



Neutronium armor mx x blue
1 ablative armor mx x blue
1 universal console rom faction weapon set console
1 universal console nanite thingie

shield cap console mx x blue
shield regen console mx x blue
plasmonic leech

2 plasma infusers mk x blue
1 shrapnel torp launcher

Bridge officers (I'll edit post as I can not remember exactly which skills are where)

1 Science Borg Bridge officers
1 Science Borg Bridge officer
1 Tactical Borg Bridge officer
1 Engineer Borg Bridge officer
1 Engineer Android Bridge Officer

What I am doing with this ship

I was looking to do something different with this ship and came up with the following role - With having 2 Borg science bridge officers and the built in abilities of the ship and the console set I tried out a predominently drain build on this whilst maintaining a decent tank and doing moderate dps.

This build as mentioned above works for my playstyle and works very well for it's intended purpose. Strip shield and power from the target(s)

Main abilities are Tykens Rift, tachyon beam, Energy siphon and charged particle burst.

Additional console sets to work with this build-

3 piece borg set (shield - deflector - Engines)
3 piece Romulan Weapon set (console - torp and plasma beam array)
full upgrade to romulan reputation plasma weapons
possibly 1 or 2 Embassy consoles

When the server goes back online I'll put my bo layout as soon as possible

Thanks for reading
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