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06-05-2013, 08:11 AM
Originally Posted by borgressistance View Post
3/3 bonus:

most science skills, like grav well/tractor beam/tykens rift/etc etc. do also 135 radiation damage each second, this penetrate shields, and for radiation damage there is also no armor.

this will make youre science skills much better,doing more damage.

apply a grav well with the correct doff active, and if it procs 2/3 grav wells, you apply the 3/3 effect on a giant part of the map, affecting much enemy's.

so far my experience wiht it, i must say destroyer with 3/3 set is better,it may tank a little less,and have less sci abbility's, it does turn better and has more offensive power.

good luck!
Thanks for the info, I've been intensely curious about the 3 piece. Is that 135 on the tooltip on the ground or in space? It seems pretty low. Is it affected by anything (Tac buffs, PrtG, aux power,etc.)?