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Originally Posted by lucho80 View Post
27 White doffs=Support colonization efforts crit (Purple doff)->Grind down to 27 white->Use for SB progression.

If you do all 13 with the right doffs each day you should crit 2-5 (or more if you're lucky). Plenty of white doffs to use.
That's good advice, except that you're assuming (like many do) that most people have all day to play STO, either continuously or in-and-out, and have excess time to do all these grinds. That applies nor only to Doff assignments but also to grind the currencies. The whole game system is weighted toward having to spend insane amounts of time to reap the full benefits and obtain the really good stuff in the game. In turn, the more time people spend in the game, the higher the chance that a sufficient percentage will end up putting some real money into the system to increase PWE's bottom line. But then again, you could probably say the same of any MMO with an in-game economy.

Sorry if I went a bit off-topic. I guess I just wanted to rant some.
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