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06-05-2013, 09:56 AM
I agree with the OP, when buying doffs from starbase vendor its far from 1/1. I spend a few hundred thousand fleet credit to get some and I found that, on average, it was like 7 tac, 3 sec, sometimes even more slanted toward tac. Same for science/medical.

It create an artificial high demand for those doffs which drive price higher, more so than higher quality doffs. That in turn artificially extend the time required to finish fleet project and bog down even larger fleets.

Thoses doffs should be more balance and should be have an equal chance to drop either speciality. I doesn't work like this now and it seems like cryptic deliberately did it that way to extend the time to do fleet project. But I'm only speculating at this point even if the evidence points that way.
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