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Originally Posted by bludraggon View Post
I have been told by support that a new character slot comes with the purchase of the Romulan Legacy Pack, though I did not receive any additional slots with my purchase. I have opened a ticket (130523-000287) and the support personnel keep telling me I have the correct number of slots: I have 4 existing slots from a year ago and no new ones since the purchase. Is there something I need to do to make the new slot appear? Does a new slot actually come with the full pack? It has been two weeks since I spent $124.99 and I have yet to be able to create a Romulan character.

Any assistance on this would be appreciated!
Hi there A new character slot does not come with the Legacy Pack -- here is a full listing of items included with it:

We did give players a character slot with Legacy of Romulus's launch, though.

If you are a Silver Member, your base free slot count is 3.

If you are a Gold Member, your base free slot count is 4. ((However! If you stop subscribing and have not used your 4th character slot, you will loose that 4th free slot -- if you already have a character occupying it, you will not be locked out of it. Also, if you delete a character while unsubscribed (Silver status), you won't be able to make a new one as you will loose that 4th free slot. ))

A few other notes:

If you played a trial account and never subscribed after, but came back after F2P launched, that would make you a Silver Member, which would mean you would have 3 total. Your trial account may have had 3, but once we went F2P, that changed to 2. Had you deleted one of your characters after F2P launched, you would have not been able to make a third character again. You were granted an extra slot yesterday, but you're not seeing an actual additional slot because you already have a 3rd character and that new slot is now officially unlocked in the spot that your third character is in.

Hope that helps make more sense of how slots work


Brandon =/\=