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06-05-2013, 10:28 AM
Ah have we all made it into the transition of LoR!? Great!

Game looks great!

New missions!

Best of all.. Green Photon Torpedoes!
( at least the graphic is a photon)

And we are still recruiting for a few more people into our now lvl 12 fleet! Our stats? :

T3 across the board in our starbase ( T3 base, T3 science, T3 Engineering, T3 Tactical )

T2 embassy will be ready this time nest week, when we start up the upgrade to T2 recruitment.

At this point we will focus on the starbase, getting it upto T4.

Plenty of provisions, so many. ( PM me if you wanna buy an awesome T3 fleet ships, romulan or klingon )

Casual! Relaxed! No Pressure! Friendly!

Don't feel like playing a week? Who cares! its a game, you play when you want, not because you feel you must!

40K fleet creds and you can shop away at our fleet stores. ( 25k was way too easy, as is 40k honestly )

We have fleet members on the east coast, west coast, and down in the mid south!

Primarily a US fleet, but any and all are welcome! No discrimination based on location, age, gender, or experience level here.

We generally play more after 3pm EST on weekdays, and all day long on weekends ( fri-sun for me )

Easy to obtain fleet creds for the stuff you want, since we do not have 100+ members all donating before you even knew a project was up!

I am very good at helping new players, or returning players with certain things, where to make fleet marks, romulan marks, dilithium dailies.. etc.. and am happy to personally help you run these!

I take care of loyal and good fleeties, EC, Items, whatever you need. ( note NEED.. not wants hah )

Nope, no teamspeak here! sorry, not really enough people to set one up yet. Nor do we do PvP ( as a fleet )

Questions? Comments? Mail/PM: @vinru821