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06-05-2013, 02:03 PM
Originally Posted by bootyboots View Post
We've been asking for months for this.

The imbalance between the DOff drop-rate and the DOff requirements has made a mess of the exchange and, until the silent nerf, mailboxes.

Common medical and security DOff are starting to sell for more than some rare and even very rare DOffs. I cannot fathom how this is working as intended. Even in 450+ member fleets, science and military projects tend to sit for days waiting to be filled, only wanting security or medical DOffs.

Player suggestions to resolve this issue have been:

1. Balance the starbase DOff requirements with the drop-rate ratios

2. Allow projects to accept either department for each section (e.g., instead of 90 tactical and 90 security, 180 tactical or security)

3. Add department specific fleet doff packs.

To players reading this, please only add constructive comments to this thread so it isn't closed (I am trying to restrain myself as well). This change would be beneficial to the 200+ players I'm representing in my fleet and no doubt for many, many other fleets as well.

Also there are some that would argue against the change. Keep in mind that whenever there is an imbalance is a system, there are some that would profit from that imbalance and maintain it. Also there are some that meet the challenge of the imbalance, overcome it and conquer it. To those I would say, should the rest of us continue to suffer to satisfy your greed or glory?
I agree completely. Fixing this DOff imbalance would eliminate the majority of complaints about the mail stealth nerf AND one major complaint about fleet advancement simultaneously. Please don't wait to implement this fix in the next content release, do it NOW. A lot of headaches would be immediately alleviated.