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06-05-2013, 02:28 PM
You can take the Hegh'ta BoP into STFs, but it is very squishy (all BoPs are), so you'll need to apply hit & run tactics, make a really good and equiped build and learn to fly BoPs,but it can be done. BoPs are fun and most versatile and as others have said - they provide a very unique style of play for the Klingon faction. Just don't get frustrated if you die a lot at the start, it's a very different ship from anything else and takes time to get used to.

Others have said it - Mirror Qin. I find the Mirror Qin Raptor most successful in STFs, works like a charm.

You can also try the Vo'Quv carrier for the lulz, the thing is a beast and has the best pets availible for any carrier.

If you're in a KDF fleet, I would also recomend the following ships:

The K'maj battlecruiser - very sturdy, yet agile and science focused.
The Tor'kaht battlecruiser - popular opinion says best cruiser in STO and I tend to agree. Cannot be compared to any fed side cruiser.
The fleet K'tinga - Is it a cruiser? Is it an escort? It is death unseen! You haven't seen a cruiser move and get DHC in line untill you tried that one.

Hope this helped somewhat.
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