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06-05-2013, 02:38 PM
If you only play one PWE game then you dont need it. If you play tons of PWE games, Arc makes it easier to switch games.

Rather than complaining that Arc will cause you to get hacked change your passwords, or dont use it!!!

Rather than wasting time complaining about a feature that is here to stay, avoid this thread if you don't like Arc.

If Arc becomes mandatory and you don't like that *points in direction* there's the door. Thank you for your time. The fact is I am not gonna let this software affect my games, and neither should you, if I have to use it then I will. But until that time, it isn't worth the effort to whine and complain. PWE will do what PWE wants, and when they implement it expecting to boost their bottom line and it actually shrinks we all get to laugh at them.

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