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06-05-2013, 05:07 PM
I am Staff Captain Storm, at your service!

Legacy of Romulus has had some great reviews and for good reason, our fleet is taking full advantage of that fact are going all out to experience these new adventures together.

We are not overly serious(except walking the plank, flogging to death etc) , but we know how to game and make it fun. What we want is some awesome people who know how to gel with others to come join us, we can reak havock across the galaxy!

Like most fleets we have everything you need, unlike most fleets we have aligned ourselves with "Galaxy Quest" it says something about who we are, but it also give you a nicer website/forum experience that is refreshing from the same old Lcars setup ( no offense to anyone using that by the way).

We are not a fleet looking to get our first members. We are doing well in that regard. We are a fleet looking to add good people to our roster so we can have fun and hopefully make some friends on the way.

And we mean it when we say we are here to help, sometimes we come and run missions with you, other times it's STF's. And on topic with this thread we are all looking forward to exploring this expansion together....they way it's meant to be played.

New content means mistakes and we get to laugh at our Admirals if they fail! (just dont let em see )

I can recruit you to the fleet, if you wish to ask me anything or i can assist in any way please use the site to contact me or my gaming email : and i will be happy to do what i can, including setting you up ready to play in our fleet.

Giving us a try wont be the worst decision you have ever made...but it might be one of the most fun!