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06-06-2013, 06:55 AM
Since you're only a Commander currently I recommend you try out the Kamarag Battlecruiser that you get for free in Temporal Ambassador and then when you hit Captain grab the Raptor and give that a good run.

So by the time you hit level 40 you'll have tried out BOP's, Raptors and a Battlecruiser and should have a good grasp on what you prefer and can make an informed choice for the ship you'll be using at end-game. You can also as others have said pick up a Mirror Carrier, Raptor and Vorcha off the exchange fairly cheap and pick the BOP as your level up ship and then you have one of each and will be able to setup all ships and swap between them as you see fit.

Then if you decide the KDF is for you, and want to spend some Zen there are some good options from the C-store and fleet ships such as the Flight Deck Carriers and Kar'Fi, which are quite different from the free options.

One thing to remember is that KDF Battlecruisers are not like Federation Cruisers, many are quite viable for Tactical Captains and they all have a much better turn rate, some quite close to an escort and if you don't mind missing out on the high end tactical powers like Attack Pattern Omega (though the Fleet Vorcha allows you to run that with it's Lt Commander station), then the Battlecruiser is a good choice.
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