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06-06-2013, 12:34 PM
I do love the Vor'cha Retrofit. I run 2 Photons, 2 Antiproton DHC's, 3 Turrets and a Tricobalt Mine. I blast through with Cannon & Torpedo spread on, dropping Warp Plasma and leaving the mine behind me.

With the aid of Doffs they can't escape the Warp Plasma and the Mine generally finished them off as you took a shield facing down on the way through.

It's not super effective but it is fun. More seriously drop a Torp, and maybe consider a rear torp like the Breen Cluster Mine or even a Tricobalt. Although 2 Photon tubes even without DOFFs is fantastic DPS in STF's against all the unshielded stuff.

Carriers are great fun, I love my Garumba although it's not seeing much action while I play with my Mirror Carrier. The Garumba does have a 1 min cooldown on the lance and with all your tac buffs going and 4x Disruptor Tac consoles it does wonderful damage.

But I think you should give Klingon Cruisers a try they are the best in the game. And are quite Tac Friendly.
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