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# 8 Khitomer (space) (elite)
06-06-2013, 11:42 AM
Just now I managed to finish it with three people left.
Two people apparently disconnected and couldn't get back in the mission.

We were a trio of people from three different fleets:

Ka -tet (d'deridex with all turret, single cannon build) (used by my science class captain)

Flight of the Phoenix (MVAM)

Elite Warriors (a warbird; not sure which class, but it looked like a Ha'nom)

Anyway, it was touch and go for a while. We missed eight probes. I, in my D'deridex, tried to heal and de-buff my team mates as much as possible.

Even with my new build, I managed to get the probes that were in front of me. I found an ideal position was sitting perpendicular to the probes path, for optimum dps.

The gate on the left side was finally destroyed. Then the two of them came to the right side, where I was. The spheres made it difficult, but we managed to make it, by having the MVAM shoot the gate - since he had more dps.

Donatra wasn't a big issue. Only one of us was destroyed once!