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I would get Paul Dini to write it.

I would get someone imposing with martial arts training (who can act, obviously) to play the bat, meaning they can wear the suit and scare the bajeesus out of criminals without needing moulded muscles on the suit. There would be no voice modulation work done on Bat's voice. It would be dark and serious, and Gotham would look like a major city, but with gothic architecture rather than looking like a generic city (never thought the Nolan one looked like it belonged to have the name Gotham).

They would all work as stand alone films, but have ongoing things. Something like:

The first would involve the Penguin bringing in arms weapons to fortify the criminals of Gotham against the police and the Bat. He could have Deadshot and some other named guys as the muscle in his scheme.

The second would feature the criminals getting desperate as chaos starts descending on Gotham. Bounty would be put on Bat's head and everyone would come out of the woodwork to get him (yes, I know, this is the story of the next arkham game, but it's a good plot). We're talking heavy grade firepower here, Gotham is turning into a warzone as it becomes a free for all with Bats out almost constantly trying to put a stop to things and straining his relationship with the GCPD who believe Bats is simply antagonising the situation. Killer Croc would be in this, similar to his Arkham appearance in terms of size and brutality and become the main villain, teasing us to his strength and power in small ways by fighting random goons in his way, or just toying with Bats. Perhaps Azreal could turn up, having been sent by the Order of St Dumas to help in the deteriorating Gotham world. Ends with a big brawl where Croc finally lets loose and kills Azreal before he can take the mantle of the bat (shocking what comic fans may be expecting) and a final big showdown between croc and bats. Croc causes life threatening injury to bats and declares gotham his, and blah blah blah goes on crazed killing spree. Bats is injured and can stay still to recover, but decides to ignore the medics and goes to finish teh fight with croc. He ends up killing croc with that being the only way to stop the lunatic (it would be unclear if this was a deliberate death or an accident, something could be worked out, perhaps Azreal could have a hand in this as a comic nod) but it would also cripple Bats to the point he can't do it any more. Word would spread that Bats now kills and knowing how tough he was before he went this far, the criminal element would leave the city for fear of their own lives. Bruce would live in retirement and every night, Gordon would put the Bat symbol on to remind everyone of the Dark Knight's presence.

The thirrd one would be a number of years later, and based on Batman Beyond. With Batman having not been seen in all these years, criminals are loosing their fear and returning to the city (all a recap in the start, in case people haven't seen the last one and to set the scene for this one). Bruce has recovered to the point he can walk and guide, but not put on the suit. All his allies have moved on to other crime ridden cities, and rather than call them back to Gotham, he begins searching for someone who can take up the mantle of the Bat. He finds a young man named Terry McGuinnes bravely fighting a group of blade wielding thugs from mugging a young family. He decides Terry will make a good batman and teaches him what it means to be Batman while fighting one of the Beyond's major characters who has set up shop in Gotham and is trying to bring teh city to it's knees/take over it/whatever that villain plot would be based on the character from the series.

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