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06-06-2013, 02:24 PM
Getting the membership for the stipend is idiotic. You pay $15 per month or $200 to get a lifetime subscription and you get 500 Zen back. So either you are wasting $10 per month or need to play for over 3 years to make the stipend worthwhile. Unless you absolutely need the lifetime perks or vet rewards, then it better to just get a one month subscription and level up your characters during that time. I could understand the appeal of subscription if reputation was a subscriber benefit like other F2P games that have a horrible F2P system like SWTOR, but thankfully that does not exist in STO. This is coming from a lifer that purchased it during beta and have 2 liberated borg characters. It was worth it before F2P, but not now. Just subscribe for a month, level any characters you have, then buy 1500 Zen per month for your subscription fee.