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# 6 aux2batt builds
06-06-2013, 03:56 PM
Hey folks - so, with my current cruiser/tac setup, I'm still using the old "dragon" build, the rotating epts and etpw type build...

...but I've been hearing a lot of talk about the aux2batt builds, and I'm wondering if someone can give me the basics on how this design works

what I've gathered so far, is that aux2batt runs with one or 2 copies of aux2batt, and uses a...technician?...doff in conjunction with the aux2batt to lower the cooldowns on all your other boff skills.

If that's the case, given cruiser/tac builds, I'm wondering, what exactly do you do as far as weapon buffing, shield damage resist builds, energy levels, battery usage, timing on the aux2batt (am I cycling them for a constant uptime like I do with the eptw/epts now?) and so forth...

for example - am I hitting aux batteries right before hitting aux to bat? am I keeping aux2batt up constantly? if I am, how much of my overall power supply am I pumping into aux in general? like...50/50/30/70? or something along those lines? In short, what are the details to an aux2batt build, and, how am I losing out on power supplies (10% bonus damage I think from eptw1, almost 20% damage resist from epts3) and extra bonuses from the more specific eptx skills, and how am I using the aux2batt builds, in what order, etc, etc...

thanks as always for any input
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