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06-06-2013, 04:47 PM
For an aux2bat cruiser, you ideally need a cruiser with a Commander Engineering, Lt. Commander Tactical, Lt. Engineering, Lt. Science and Ensign doesn't matter. The build works by cycling 2 copies of Auxiliary to Battery I every time it's usable while also using 3 technician duty officers for a 30% cooldown reduction. This works best with 1 cannon rapid fire and 1 attack pattern beta II/omega I. Weapons loadout is 4 cannons fore with 3 turrets and the kinetic cutting beam aft. These cruisers typically run Emergency Power to Weapons I in one ensign slot and Emergency Power to Auxiliary I (for use in emergencies only) in the other slot. The Lt. Commander slot typically uses Emergency Power to Shields III(if no ensign engineering) or directed energy modulation II and the Commander slot usually has either Eject Warp plasma III or Directed Energy modulation III (if no modulation II). There is a systems engineer now with -weapon power drain when using directed energy modulation, many cruisers have opted for it. If the ship has Ensign engineering, this slot is typically used to house Emergency Power to Shields I to free up Lt. Commander slot for attack abilities (else EPtS III).

How does this build survive so well? Simple, it stacks Romulan Embassy heal/-threat generation shield emitter consoles, uses Elite fleet shields with the adapt mod, and the Borg Mk XII engine/deflector. The downside is this ship really only has one reliable heal, Emergency Power to Shields. Hazard Emitters and Transfer Shield Strength are both there, but the ship can't use them well at low aux power (reason for emergency power to aux). This is one build that really works best on an engineering captain rather than a tactical captain. Personally, if I were to run a tactical crusier, it would be something like this build:

The Romulan Experimental Beam array (no drain on weapons), 4 Romulan Beam arrays, the romulan hyper plasma torpedo, the kinetic cutting beam, and the omega torpedo launcher. Stack that with romulan embassy +plasma damage consoles for a very respectable amount of damage from a cruiser. Outside of PvP, I would drop the 4 romulan beam arrays for 2 Romulan Beam banks and 2 romulan turrets, while swapping out auxiliary to structural for auxiliary to intertial dampers. The changes from legacy of romulus made cruisers quite maneuverable. Duty officers would be personal preference, but I would probably run 2-3 projectile weapon officers for an endless supply of romulan hyper plasma torpedoes. I would also run either 2 Conn officers for global tactical team or 2-3 Damage Control engineers for reduction on Emergency Power to X. A warp core engineer would also be a possibility.