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Ok this is what I would do with a new Batman, note I don't know who to use as the Villains in the movies yet, so I will post Major Villain to show their stop in my idea:

1.1st movie No opening story for the Bat, we all know what happen there. Instead I would open with a few Criminals doing there thing in the city, and the Bat rolls up on them to stop them. In the shadows one of the (Major Villains) is looking on, plotting his next move.

2. I would introduce Robin in the 1st movie, he takes to the streets after his family is killed at the circus, and he is hunting down there killer, who is working with the (Major Villain). The bat seeing this early 20s Robin, takes him under his wing to train him as his partner.

3. The 1st movie ends with Robin coming face to face with his families killer, Robin wants to kill the bad guy, but Batman stops him. Robin turns his back on Batman and quits the team. The major Villain gets away due to the issue with the killer and Robin.

4. 2nd Opens with Batman staking out a warehouse, where the (Major Villain) from the 1st movie setup a new operation, but a new Hero breaks in before Batman can act. The Major Villain escapes, and Batman learns the New hero's name is Nightwing after he gives case after him.

5. A 2nd Major Villain seeing that the 1st Villain is having Bat issues, tries to muscle in on their operations, and a gang war is kicked off. In the crossfire of the gang war, a young kid loses his family, and Batman takes him in as Bruce Wayne, when he learns he has no other family.

6. The 2nd movie ends with Nightwing and Batman having a small fight, after the gang war ends for the moment, as the 2 main players are taken into jail. Batman and Nightwing tire from the fighting, and just stare each other down. As they both look up, 2 new figures stand on top of a build looking down at them, and with the firing of grappling hook ropes, they swing out of sight.

7. The 3rd movie opens with Bruce Wayne watching his new foster kid sleep, and he can't help but feel sorry for him. Later the kid follows Bruce into the Bat cave, and is shocked to learn he is Batman, then begs Bruce to train him to fight along his side. It takes a little time, but after watching what the kid can do, Bruce trains him as his new robin, with his understanding he listens to him and never rush off without him.

8. Later on a meeting of 5 Major Villains happens in the city, and they agree to hunt down the Bat and Nightwing. They call in new muscle and bring in Deathstroke with Hush to take them out.

9. The two figures from the end of the 2nd movie would be Bat Woman and Bat Girl, they team up in my movie to take down the major villains in this movie. After they attack the 5 Major Villains, they learn of the contract hit on batman, and go off to find and warn him.

10. Nightwing is caught by deathstroke and Hush, and after a major fight he is almost killed, but manages to escape death and gets to a hospital after him hides his costume. Batman learns of Nightwings plight and has him moved to his manor for his safty.

11. The Movie ends with Batman and Night wing going up against Deathstroke and Hush, with support from Bat Woman and Bat girl. It ends with Robin coming in at the last moment to trip up Hush, as he is about to give a killing shoot to Batman, and the heros take out both the villains.

12. All is well in the city for a little while, as the 5 heros stand on top of a building talking to each other. The movie ends with the bat signal shining bright in the night sky, and all 5 heros watch it as credits roll.

It's very rough draft of what I would do, but you get my main idea of getting all the Bat Heros into this 3 movie series. I don't know what order I would use the Villians, but as you can see I would save Deathstroke and Hush for the final movie. I would use the The Penguin, The Joker, The Riddler, Carmine Falcone, and Boss Rupert Thorne as the Major Villains, and use Tony Zucco in the telling of Robins story.

Hey I figure this can work if given a good script to work with it.