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06-06-2013, 06:48 PM
thanks major tira - that is an...interesting build...

I'm not sure how comfortable I am with it - I gave up on warp plasma ages ago, but it's possible I gave up on it too quickly - and I've gotten quite comfortable with my rotating epts/eptw, but it *is* an intriguing build - I may give it a go

there's a LOT of equipment on that ship though that I don't have
The Omega Torp and the Hyper Romulan Torp, and the Kinetic cutting beam - I *assume* those are all rep items I need to buy? I've been hearing all manner of different reports, between the romulan embassy (is that the one that is attached to our starbase/fleet menu? or is there a separate embassy?), the romulan rep, and the omega rep (I'm guessing the omega torp is a top tier omega rep item? I hope?...and the hyper torpedo either from the embassy or from Rom rep?)

I think I saw the kinetic cutting beam as part of the borg set, so I'm guessing thats up the omega rep as well? and this high power romulan beam weapon - it's not on the build, but where am I getting this from?

honestly, there are so many specialty items you get from so many different locations, gated behind so many different barriers, I'm finding it all more than a little unnecessarily complicated. I've got Fleet store (which requires certain tiers of completed progess AND then projects to generate supplies), I've got the Fleet Embassy (is that the same as the romulan embassy?) which I assume does the same things with the same requirements - I've got 3 separate rep stores, all of which require certain tiers of completed rep, and THEN seperate projects to make the object available on the store, which you then have to pay for with yet another currency/project!!??...

grrrrrr....not anyone's fault here, of course...but still...couldn't they put it all just in a damn store and make it cost dilithium...sheesh
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